The salons have now re-opened, as of 12th APRIL 2021

We are so happy to be back and Online bookings are now open. You can visit us with peace of mind that we have diligently and carefully followed our Covid-Secure Plan. Got any feedback for us? We'd love to hear from you.

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How should I prepare for a Laser Treatment?

The first step is always to make sure you've had a consultation and test patch treatment. There are some important medical and health checks we need to go through with you, as laser isn’t suitable for everyone. We also look at the hair in the areas you want to have treated, as we also need to ensure that we can be confident in getting you a good result. The patch test involves a few laser shots delivered to the area... you won’t feel it, but it’s enough to test that you don’t have an allergic-type response to the light. 24 hrs later, you’re good to go with your first session!

  • shave the area(s) we are treating on the morning of your appointment - no earlier than this, as any stubble left on the skin will affect your results and safety
  • do not apply any body lotion, moisturiser or fragranced products to the area(s)
  • if you're having underarms treated, avoid anti-perspirant deodorant for the duration of your course as the metallic compounds in many of these products can reflect laser light, preventing the absorbtion of light into the hair follicle and therefore negatively affecting your results. Switch to a natural/light spray alternative instead
  • avoid sunbathing, sun beds and any kind of light exposure for 2 weeks before and after laser
  • do not use fake tan products in the area(s) you are having treatment
  • remember to tell us if you've changed your medication or are using any essential oils or natural remedies since your consultation
  • wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment - this is critically important, as putting on tight clothing such as lycra leggings after laser can lead to folliculitis - a nasty infection of hair follicles that makes them look red and inflamed. we recommend loose cotton trousers or baggy tracksuit type clothing, to allow skin to 'breathe' and settle after your treatment
  • avoid the gym, swimming and cardio exercise before and after your appointment, so your skin stays cool and dry 
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