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The salons have now re-opened, as of 12th APRIL 2021

We are so happy to be back and Online bookings are now open. You can visit us with peace of mind that we have diligently and carefully followed our Covid-Secure Plan. Got any feedback for us? We'd love to hear from you.

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Although the salons are closed at the moment due to the national lockdown, we'd really love to meet you as soon as we can re-open. If you'd like £5 off your first appointment, pop your details in here and we'll send you a discount code.

Asked Questions

Here you'll find some of our most frequently asked questions.

Just click on the question to see the answer. If your query isn't covered below, please send your question to us here.

How long does my hair need to be for waxing?

Waxing relies on getting a good ‘grip’ on your hairs so they are removed with the wax – about the length of a grain of rice is a good measure, and ...

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How long will my skin be smooth for after a waxing treatment?

Most people come for waxing once a month, but this does vary depending on your personal regrowth speed. Generally, for body waxing, you’ll feel com...

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How much does waxing hurt?

Don’t be scared by what you may have heard or seen! We are expert waxers and when done correctly, waxing is only minimally painful, even on sensiti...

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First-time Hollywood or Brazilian?

You’re in safe hands! We use Lycon Hot Wax for Hollywood and Brazilian, which is the ‘gold standard’ in bikini waxing, and it’s by far our most pop...

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What should I wear for my waxing appointment?

Loose, cotton clothes and underwear are always best! We always moisturise your skin after waxing, with a soothing tea tree lotion, so you definitel...

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How should I prepare my skin for waxing before my appointment?

Exfoliate and moisturise is your mantra! It’s a good idea to give skin a gentle scrub the morning of your appointment, to loosen any ingrown hairs...

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Waxing during pregnancy

Always take advice from your midwife or doctor on this one, but generally speaking, waxing is perfectly safe during your pregnancy. We don’t treat ...

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Waxing and Exercise

Light exercise such as walking or gentle cycling is fine, but heavier exercise that makes you hot, opens the pores, and makes the skin sweaty, mean...

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Waxing and Roaccutane or Tretinoin

If you’re under Dermatologist treatment for Acne or other skin conditions, you may have been prescribed Roaccutane or Tretinoin. Both these prepara...

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Can you have waxing done if you use Moisturisers with Retinol or Vitamin A?

The answer is… it depends! Certain types of Retinols, like Roaccutane in tablet form, and certain professional skincare brands that contain very h...

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Can you put make up on after waxing on the face?

Not really. It is super important to keep the skin absolutely clean after a wax – for at least 12 hours. The only acceptable make up is pure miner...

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Laser vs wax… which is better?

We love both methods and there are upsides and downsides to both. We’ll try to explain: Laser = amazing long term results, imagine just waking up e...

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What’s the difference between Warm or Strip wax and Hot wax?

Warm Wax is used for large areas and general body waxing like legs, back and underarms. The wax is applied to the skin with a spatula then a paper ...

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How can I avoid breakouts after waxing on my face?

The skin on your face is more sensitive than on your body, so extra care is needed. Keep your skin super clean after waxing treatments. Avoid touch...

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Why do we use Lycon wax brand?

Lycon is a multiple award-winning wax brand from Australia. Established in 1978 it’s stood the test of time as a professional, high quality product...

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Can I have waxing during my period?

You’ll definitely be more sensitive to pain leading up to, and during your period, so it’s best to avoid booking appointments during this time.

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Waxing and sensitive skin

Allergic reactions to wax, even for those with sensitive skin, are very rare. If you have a history of skin reaction, we would suggest you pop in f...

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Hair Removal options

For some women with PCOS, excess hair can be a problem, especially when it arrives on areas typically associated with men, like the stomach, face a...

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Hygiene during waxing

We always wear gloves for waxing, and use disposable spatulas and cotton pads, to avoid contamination. We don’t ‘double dip’ (when dirty spatulas a...

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How often will I need to have waxing?

Most people visit us once a month for their regular waxing appointments, but it can vary person to person. We’d suggest start with a 4-week gap and...

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I shaved! Can I still have a wax?

Yes, but you’ll need to leave it at least 2 weeks, and preferably 3 weeks, for the best results. With regular waxing your results and time between ...

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Is Laser Hair Removal expensive?

The answer is - it depends on how you look at it! Obviously, the cost of each individual treatment is higher than, say, a wax, and certainly more e...

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Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

It’s probably the most common question we get asked, but most people are surprised at how pleasant the feeling of laser is. You might have hea...

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