The salons have now re-opened, as of 12th APRIL 2021

We are so happy to be back and Online bookings are now open. You can visit us with peace of mind that we have diligently and carefully followed our Covid-Secure Plan. Got any feedback for us? We'd love to hear from you.

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Body contouring

Get Bikini Body confidence with no sweat. We all know that a getting a great body is about losing fat combined with toning and firming muscles. So we offer 3 fabulous treatments, each with a unique body benefit.

Smart Sculpt is the world's leading fat reduction technology. It reduces fat, breaks down stubborn cellulite, and firms lax skin - you can drop a dress size in a single course. Hello bikini confidence!

CACI ECM uses tiny electrical currents to stimulate muscle activity in the body. Add this to a powerful conductive body roller and you can wave goodbye to cellulite on thighs and buttocks, and say hello to our Brazilian Bum Lift!

Environ Body Profile is a powerful 30-minute treatment to firm, tone and nourish body skin. Improves 'orange-peel' effect, softens scars and stretch marks, tones and firms the skin. Fabulous for thighs, buttocks, arms and tummies.

Smart Sculpt Body Contouring

Smart Sculpt Body Contouring

From £90

Reduce fat, break down stubborn cellulite and firm loose skin with our multi-dimensional machine. The world's leading body contouring technology for 'drop a dress size' results. Available exclusively in our Virginia Water branch.

Body Sculpt Abdomen; Full Tummy = £145, Upper or Lower Tummy = £90

Body Sculpt Arms Define = £125

Body Sculpt Bum Lift = £125

Body Sculpt Thighs and Buttocks = £195

Body Sculpt Back and Shoulders = £125

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

From £75

If loose or sagging skin that has lost elasticity is your concern, our new Radio Frequency Treatment is the ideal body fixer. Using a triple-technology approach combining Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage, Radio Frequency and Polychromatic LED Therapy, we get incredible results on common concern areas such as upper arms (those 'bingo wings'!), inner thighs, that area above the knees, and abdomen, which can be prone to loose skin after pregnancy or significant weight loss. You'll see an improvement even after a single treatment. Available at our Englefield Green branch.

Radio Frequency Treatment Small £75 | lower abdomen, above knees, bra strap area, etc

Medium £95 | full abdomen, inner thighs, upper arms | buttocks | thighs

Large or Double area £110 | thighs and buttocks, abdomen plus another area

Although some instant results are achieved, you will normally have a course of 6 to 12 treatments, depending on your level of concern, expectations and response to the treatment - for optimal results.

Body treats

Environ Body Profile

Environ Body Profile

from £45 | 30 mins

An intense body treatment using Environ's signature technology. With 3-D contouring effects for visibly smoother, firmer and reshaped results. Targets dimpled, lax and uneven textured skin all over the body: 

* abdomen, jawline, knees, buttocks £47

* thighs £65

CACI Thigh & Buttock Lift

CACI Thigh & Buttock Lift


Give your thighs and buttocks the star makeover with this specialised treatment from CACI. Electrical muscle stimulation and micro-currents are applied to the area with a specially designed handpiece, to help break down cellulite in the thighs and buttocks, for smoother, lifted thighs and buttocks. We call it our ‘Brazilian bottom lift’!

Body Polish

£65 | 45 mins

A deliciously scented scrub and polish to remove dull, dry skin from the body, followed by a rich body butter application. Especially beneficial for the back, elbows and knees. Stimulates circulation and cell renewal for a health glow! (not available in Englefield Green)

Acne Back Treatment - "Back Facial"

£63 | 45 mins

Clear congestion and purify blocked pores on the back and shoulders with our new ‘facial for the back’. This 45 minute treatment uses exfoliation and a gentle peel to cleanse problematic skin. Improves texture and radiance of the skin, helps reduce breakouts and leaves the back looking fresher and clearer. Also a lovely relaxing treatment for anyone who likes a good back scrub!

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing


Professional, private, discreet ear piercing with our experienced professional piercer.

Includes your choice of sterling silver, gold plated and hypoallergenic titanium studs and aftercare solution.

Minimum age 10, and a parent or guardian must accompany you for the duration of the appointment.

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